Monday, May 9, 2016

Let's Get Back to Work: Alternate Mixes

A new track, courtesy of the producer wizardry of David McKittrick. I'll let him explain what's going on:

I dropped a few coins on some new plug-ins for Cubase—a suite of plug-ins, each specific to a particular instrument or to vocals. Nice tools and they really tweak up the sound nicely. I think these are a nice addition to the tool kit. I added these to the tracks we have for "If I Should Fall Behind" as well as adding a hint of delay to your vocal—more a slight doubling than an echo/delay. Overall, I like where this is headed. I think I told you I added two dobro tracks. I edited it down to some phrases that were actually pretty good. I still don’t think it’s really in the character of what we want for the track, but worth a listen. So here’s text mix #1 with the dobro. I’ll send you second email with the non-dobro version.

So this is slightly about the dobro, but really more about the overall sound with the new plug-ins, some balancing of levels and panning, the addition of a little delay to your vocal, etc. I’ll have to re-adjust all the levels once we have drums, keys, and anything else we add—but this is still a useful exercise I think.
 I recorded this version of "If I Should Fall Behind" two years ago for some friends who were getting married, but Dave liked it enough to add it to the album. He's done a stunning job here with the new mix, and personally I like the dobro version a lot, I think it works and I'm not a big fan of bluegrass by any stretch. You guys tell me - to dobro or not to dobro? And what do you think of the tracks overall?

"If I Should Fall Behind" - with dobro

"If I Should Fall Behind" - without dobro

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