Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Greatest Pop Beat Ever

As far as I know, it doesn't have a name, but you know it -- three bass (kick) drum beats followed by a snare. Probably best known from the Ronettes' "Be My Baby", on which it was performed by the great Hal Blaine, and immortalized in pop songs over the decades since.



Billy Joel's song deliberate tribute to the Spector sound. Ronnie herself recorded a version of this song a few years later, accompanied by the E Street Band.


Cyndi Lauper fronted the band Blue Angel right before her solo success, and she knew exactly how to put her voice to work on this dead-on affectionate tribute.


A lush and sweeping tribute to Spector's Wall of Sound, courtesy of the Beatles' recording engineer.


Camera Obscura's far more subdued use of the beat.


Au Revoir Simone takes a modern approach to the concept of a "Girl Group".


Joey Ramone idolized Phil Spector, and here is his solo tribute to a sound he genuinely loved.


The Clash knew just what they were doing here


Bat for Lashes weird, moody take.


Co La has a grand old time messing with the beat on this track, even incorporating samples from "Be My Baby".

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