Sunday, June 9, 2013

Spies Like Us: Ten Songs About Sneaky Snoopin'

In light of the not-at-all surprising revelations about the NSA and phone and e-mail data, herewith a suitable soundtrack. As always, feel free to add your own.

1. The Decemberists, "Valerie Plame"

More after the cut.

2. dBs, "Spy in the House of Love"

3. Josie Cotton, "Secret Agent Man"

4. Tina Turner, "Undercover Agent for the Blues"

5. The Specials, "Sock It to 'Em JB"

6. Laura Veirs, "Secret Someones"

7. Melody Gardot, "Lover Undercover"

8. Edwin Starr, "Agent Double O Soul"

9. Los Straitjackets, "Espionage"

10. Paul McCartney, "Spies Like Us"

And a bonus:

10A. Wall of Voodoo, "Spy World"

11. John Seuferling adds Rockwell, "Somebody's Watching Me"

12. Abandoned & Heartbroke blogger Curt Alliaume adds a same title, different song contribution.

Was (Not Was), "Spy in the House of Love"

13. The ever-dependable Rich Kurlantzick adds Steely Dan, "My Rival"

14. Again from Rich: Carly Simon, "The from The Spy Who Loved Me"

15. And Curt comes back with Carly Simon, "Spy"

16. David Anderson gives us The Doors' "Spy"

17. Steven Pennella sez: Police, "Every Breath You Take"

18. Mary Alice Wittenbert: Alan Parsons Project, "Eye in the Sky"


19. Men At Work, "Who Can It Be Now"

20. Chris Kelaher adds The Hollies, "Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress"