Friday, June 14, 2013

Dead Ends in Two-Bit Bars

Steve Van Zandt on all things Little Steven, Plus Stuff About Bruce

"Right now, and we were just talking about this last week, the only album that has been totally ignored is what I think is one of the best albums he's ever done, which is The Promise... The entire Promise album is absolutely remarkable. I'm hoping we start playing it."

I always thought Van Zandt was Springsteen's best critic, and I mean that in every good sense of the word. I think he sometimes understands the quality Bruce's music better than Bruce does. In the Born to Run 30th anniversary documentary, while the rest of the players talk about how much sweat and hard work went into the eighteen month-long recording of the "Born to Run" single, Van Zandt grins and declares it to be a little much, and adds that a good single should take maybe three hours. He's a wise man, is Steve.

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