Monday, February 25, 2013

One Holy Catholic and Apostolic

In observance of the fact that the church in which I was raised seems in the midst of serious crises, I asked my Facebook friends to help me compile a list of pop songs that address Catholicism and growing up Catholic, and as usual they came through. I eliminated song suggestions that referred to Christianity in general, 'cause this is all about the mother Church.

1. Billy Joel, "Only the Good Die Young"
2. Frank Zappa, "Catholic Girls"
3. Monty Python, "Every Sperm is Sacred"
4. Sonic Youth, "Catholic Block"
5. Belle & Sebastian, "If You're Feeling Sinister"
6. Prince, "Pope" (lyrics)"
7. Jim Carroll, "Catholic Boy"
8. Meatmen, "Pope on a Rope"
9. Stephen Lynch, "Priest"
10. Death Cab for Cutie, "I Will Follow You Into the Dark"
11. Alan Clarke, "If I Was the Priest"
12. Justin Stroh, "I Like Bein' A Catholic"
13. Kate Micucci, "The Nun Song"
14. The Clash, "Death or Glory"
15. The People's Response to the Vatican Investigation of U.S. Catholic Sisters, "Love Will Not Be Silenced"
16. Sea Chantey, "The Priest and the Nuns"
17. Maggie and Terre Roche, "West Virginia"
18. Sting, "All This Time"
19. Patty Griffin, "Mary"
20. Meghan Hayes, "Kosher for Christmas"

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