Thursday, April 11, 2013

Things I like about this photo:

1. That all of these old ladies are probably dead.

[I have issues, I never said I didn't have issues.]

2. That one can endlessly speculate on what they thought about as they assembled these copies of RUBBER SOUL.

[I prefer to think most of them were dirty old birds who enjoyed erotic daydreams that the cover inspired: Perhaps the off-kilter effect of the cover photo perfectly matched their age-related macular degeneration, while the group's rough-looking jackets reminded them of the racy Western novels of their youth.]

3. That it's quite possible [in a chrono-anal-retentive variation of the butterfly effect] that, in looking up from their work to smile for the camera, Marjorie and Judith [third and fourth from the front, respectively] damaged the copies they were putting together, thus sending those lost RUBBER SOULs out into the world with no chance of ever being Mint condition.

[Majorie's copy currently resides in a flea-market vendor's garage -- grossly overpriced but nowhere near the $500 a mint copy of RS can command -- telling the copies of WHIPPED CREAM AND OTHER DELIGHTS that sandwich it that it coulda been a contendah if not for this photo.]

4. That their jackets are all completely different, yet they're all double-breasted; however, I have no humorous parenthetical comment to make about this.


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  1. Rubber Soul was completed a mere three weeks before its release date of Dec. 3 (UK) or Dec. 6 (US). Marjorie and Judith probably did not receive Christmas bonuses; as they should have been hard at work assembling their albums.

    Also, you forgot to say whether they are they assembling the mono or stereo version. So that flea market copy may be under priced