Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Blue Cowl Has Seen It All!

Some years ago, I "met" online this nifty fellow named Rick Hutchins, with whom I shared many interests but especially a shared love of old time radio. I kept saying "we should write and record our own original 1930s-style crime drama, complete with announcer, sponsor, the whole works" and every time, Rick readily agreed. As usual of course, this turned into one of those things I couldn't quite get around to, but Rick did get around to it, and how. This past February he completed the first episode of an original concept of his own, The Blue Cowl, entitled "The Nasty Soul". Then, instead of saying to me "ha ha suckface, I did the radio thing without your lazy ass", Rick most graciously invited me to participate. And not just in some small manner, which would have been fine, but in a most flattering display of kindness (or pity) he offered me the starring role! But don't let that deter you from listening, because the show features a topnotch cast and a first-rate script, and even features an original score by Rick himself. It's really a very well-done suspenseful treat, well worth your fifteen or so minutes. And if you do enjoy it, drop a comment on the YouTube link and let Rick feel appreciated, 'cause he sure deserves it.

Oh, and remember: "No man escapes justice. A life of crime leads to an early grave!"

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