Sunday, July 20, 2014

Nice Day for A White Wedding

On my Facebook page I asked people to post a wedding song -- their own or someone else's -- and here are the results, starting with my own.

The bridal party entered the wedding to this song:

down these steps:

But our actual wedding song was this one:

Longtime A&H blogger Curt Alliaume:

"Frank Sinatra's "It Had to Be You," from his album Trilogy. Picked up at the same moment this video starts - this was the inspiration."

Lisa Parish isn't married to David McKittrick (producer of the blog's upcoming album), but she says they enjoy this song.

Sergeff Suomi

Media Bliss and A&H blogger Tim Miller

Jeff Freaney

Lance Barnett

A friend of Andrée Levie-Warrilow wrote this beautiful song (Facebook link, access may be limited)

I'll let Chrissy Cortina tell the story of this one:"So, we had a wedding on the (very) cheap so we hired this trio of cello, violin & guitar playing guys -- one who had green hair which was awesome. I was late getting to the chapel and caught the strains of The Doors, Light My Fire as I walked up the stairs."

A&H Blogger Andrea Palumbo

Karen Aagesen Cerini

Bowie Lover Sam Demain:

And wrapping things up: a love song for Michele Ferlisi.


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