Thursday, May 28, 2015

I Go to Sleep: Songs of Slumber

Last night I asked my ever-ready Facebook friends to throw me some songs about sleep, and they came through as always (boy, did they ever). First though, a few they missed:

1) "I Go to Sleep", Pretenders

Chrissie and co. released two versions of this Kinks song, on a studio LP and on the wonderful live Isle of View (get it?) concert release. Both versions blow away the original.

2) "Sleep", Azure Ray

Maria Taylor's somber, aching vocals and the tempo of the song capture perfectly the restless eternity that is a sleepless night.

3) "Can't Do A Thing to Stop Me", Chris Isaak

Scary stalker Chris is gonna dream about you, and ain't nothing you can do about it.

4) "Sleep Won't Ever Come", Best Coast

Sometimes it feels that way.

5) "Walking in My Sleep", Roger Daltrey

There are probably a million reasons I shouldn't like this song, but I always have.

And now our Facebook gang's contributions:

David Anderson

"Talking in Your Sleep", Romantics

"In My Dreams", Dokken

Michele Ferlisi

"Wall of Sleep," Black Sabbath

"Sleeping Village", Black Sabbath

Sally Fenn-Tucker

"Sweet Dreams Are Made of This", Eurythmics

"Through the Long Night", Billy Joel

Brenda Balin

"Wake Up Little Susie", Everly Brothers

"Dream A Little Dream", Cass Elliot

A&H Blogger Curt Alliaume

"I'm So Tired", the Beatles

"I'll Sleep When I'm Dead", Warren Zevon

"I Need A Nap", Weird Al and Kate Winslet

Twla Meding

"Virginia Calling", Sons of Bill

Anne Campisano-Detlet

"Dream Weaver", Gary Wright

Rich Bilitz

"The Lion Sleeps Tonight", the Tokens

Karen Aagesen Cerini

"Dream On", Aerosmith

"Let's Go to Bed", the Cure

Eddie Johns

"In Dreams", Roy Orbison

Billie McIntyre Dunn

"It's Raining Again", Supertramp

Rich Kurlantzick

"Rose Darling", Steely Dan

"Daysleeper", R.E.M.

Mike Haines

"MLK", U2, 

"Sleepless", King Crimson

Donna Mellusi

"Peaceful Relaxing Scene", Ann-Margret

Mark Traeger

"Sleep", Dopesmoker

Rosie Perez

"All I Need", Air

Anna Russomano Broskie

"Where Hides Sleep", Alison Moyet


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