Monday, August 2, 2010

Song of the Week 8/02/10 "I Will Stay With You"

"I Will Stay With You" is a heartfelt love song, but like most of my love songs I wanted a harsh and sad edge to it, and I think I succeeded. It is (of course) not quite finished -- it needs some variation in the chords, as well as an intro and bridge, but I think I'm on the right track.

I almost ran off the rails at one point, in that as I was singing the melody I kept hearing a similar song in my head (not one of mine, not saying whose) and it was a genuine struggle not to veer off into the same progression on some of the phrases. But ultimately I succeeded.

Other than that, there really isn't much more to say, except I like what the bridge says about me 'cause that's exactly how I feel sometimes. Not sure I ever could have expressed it in mere words.

As always, suggestions are welcome, as are your own whacks at this and any of the other songs.

I Will Stay With You


  1. I like it :)

    When is the Cd coming out so I can buy one.

  2. Is that you Mrs. Barry?

    I can't even guess at when the CD will be completed and available, but I'm targeting two years.

  3. Sorry to be so slow getting something in on this. It's been a long 2 months with Shannon's wedding and then she left this past Wednesday so there's been much to do helping her get ready.

    As for the song, I like it. However, the melody and minor key put it at risk of being a dirge when it's really a strong sentiment (I'll stick with you through it all). My suggestion would be to speed it up a bit so it's mid-tempo rather than ballad tempo. And I would give the guitar/bass/drums some emphasis on 2 and 4 to make it drive a bit as well.

    Think of Bruce's "Brilliant Disguise", but not quite that fast, and I think you'll see where I'm headed.

    Just my 2 cents--or was that a nickle entry?

  4. That is in fact what one might call solid gold, Dave, as usual. I will put your suggestions to work.

  5. Hey there! I would add to Dave's comments that along with tempo, consider putting the bridge in a major key. You may have to play with that a bit, but you could drop down to an E major and toy around that. Or do the REM riff where you play the E major and run up to 2nd, 5th, frets wth open E/B strings. As for lyrics, you know that ain't my thang, but toss some cigarettes or rain in there and you've got gold Jerry.