Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tuesday Night Live

No sooner did I complete a 5 hour drive from Jersey on Tuesday than I had to scramble to get ready for the Songwriter Showcase at JV's here in Falls Church, Va. The bi-weekly showcase is hosted by the great Daryl Jr Cline (of Daryl Jr Cline and the Recliners) and has featured some veterans as well as some brand-new youngsters (who were talented as hell and made me feel old).  Here is my set, accompanied as usual by the invaluable David McKittrick. I have been away from live performing for a long time, and I'm afraid it shows, but I am slowly gathering back my confidence.

The three songs featured are of course future denizens of Abandoned and Heartbroke: "One More Day to Rain", "Into the Night" and as always "South Street".  It's all coming together, folks (slowly).

John E. Williams Live at JVs, 5/29/12

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