Thursday, October 3, 2013

When I'm With You, I Get An Extension: 10 Songs Sung While on the Phone

You'd think a post about telephone songs would be an easy one, but the catch here is that the singer has to actually be on the phone. The song can't just be about telephones, it has to be a telephone call itself. So with that in mind...

Reader contributions via Facebook:

Bonnie Heim T'Bonz Malmat

"Sylvia's Mother" - Dr. Hook

Dave Weil

"Love On The Telephone" - Foreigner

"Telephone" - Lady Gaga

"Telephone Radio Germany" - The Kills

Patty Murdolo Thaute

"Hello It's Me" - Todd Rundgren

A&H Blogger Spo-Dee (aka Tom Barry)

"No Reply" - Beatles

"All I've Got to Do" Beatles

A&H stalwart Rich Kurlantzick

"Jenny (867-5309)" - Tommy Tutone

"Rikki Don't Lose That Number" -  Steely Dan

Other A&H stalwart Erik Onyski

"Fancy Clown" - Madvillain

"Hello Operator" - White Stripes

Brian Middleton

"Operator" (Studio Version) - Grateful Dead

Donna Vaswani

"Bad Connection" - Yaz

Marni Whalen

"Coconut Telegraph" - Jimmy Buffet

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  1. The photo of Bill Mumy is from one of my fave Twilight Zone episodes, co-written by Bill Idelson... who was a master at using the telephone on both radio and through his writing (especially the Bob Newhart Show). he was taught well by Paul Rhymer, the writer of radio's Vic and Sade.