Thursday, May 22, 2014

I'd Like to Fly But I Can't Even Swim: Songs About Comic Books

This should have been an obvious choice long ago, seeing as I often have one foot in music and the other in the comics.

My young mind was blown to hear superheroes mentioned in some hippie song.

I was a Marvel kid, never much for DC, and I was a big Beatles fan, but I hadn't the foggiest notion who the Titanium Man or the Crimson Dynamo were (I still don't).

Based on Daniel Clowes' great 90s graphic novel.

Sheena as depicted by the late, great Dave Stephens.

You might know the great cover version by REM

My old teacher' s co-creation, SGT. ROCK!

Based on Jack Kirby's great pre-Fantastic Four comic.

Snoop Dog's great take on the 60s TV theme.

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