Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Givn' It One More Day

Last night I spoke with the most excellent David McKittrick, him whom I've spoken of in earlier posts, and he had some most excellent suggestions for the "One More Day to Rain" song. The main one, which is the most important, was to give the song (as he put it) some "room". The verses come at you pretty rapid fire and there's no space in between phrases. I think he's right, and it was a concern that I had myself. The verse and chorus progression differ only by one chord -- a major and a minor -- and that may lend to the feeling of repetitiveness. Dave suggested some tinkering with the song structure, which he and I will do in person probably some time next week. A lot to think about.

I am also musing over lyrics for Track 1, a song which I think is gonna require some serious attention and a lot of work to make it meet what I think is its potential. Not a mere tossed-off track, in other words. Stay, as they say, tuned.

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