Saturday, April 3, 2010

Return of This Thing

Any time you see the Takamine guitar icon, it means there is a song or songs attached.

So, okay. Obviously, I didn't keep up my post a day promise. But I am guilty with an explanation: life got in the way. Not gonna bore you with the details, some of them some of you already know. Beside that though, I was stalled, musically speaking, and the songs simply weren't coming. Well, now apparently they are. Just two so far -- one is untitled and still needs lyrics, but it's still a keeper. Look for a demo of it later this week. More to come after that.

The demo-ready song is called "One More Day to Rain", and I want to talk a bit about it because the main reason for this blog is to discuss things like process. We all have our ways of working, and I'd be interested to know how some of you compare your own methods, whether for music or any other work. This is also a participatory blog, so please be absolutely candid and open about what you're hearing and reading. I'd also like to hear what sort of contribution you'd like to add to the track, if any.

Whereas Track 1 has been clattering around my space for a few months, "One More Day to Rain" is barely a week old. The title came to me while I was driving around thinking
idle thoughts. It had been cold and rainy for over a week and I was a bit tired of it, so I muttered "I'm givin' it one more day of rain", meaning I wanted sun and warmth, NOW, dammit! (Or there was gonna be trouble, I guess.) Anyway, it immediately struck me as a good song title, so I held onto it. When I started writing lyrics though I realized that the story should be different: I'm not sick of the rain and want it to be sunny, which I suppose would make for a cheerful little tune, I'm in a drought and I need to to rain. Badly. Which speaks to something else.

The first verse originally began "Fell out of bed this morning, see/Got right up, right on my knees" and then I stopped, stuck. I suppose the idea was the guy was gonna pray for rain. Well, but that wasn't what I was after. I'm not asking for rain; I'm sayin' that it better rain, and soon, 'cause I'm about done in, this drought is gonna kill me. That seemed to work much better, and I was off. I wanted to avoid any pity-party/woe is me lyrics, which would be easy and cheesy, so I left the details a bit ambiguous. This guy's at the edge -- "Then I'm givin' up again" -- but we don't know exactly what his problem is. The frustration comes from my own recent unemployment, but that ain't what I wanna sing about, either. (As I said in an earlier post, I'm not interested in writing Springsteen lyrics.)

As for the demo: I am reasonably pleased with it. I think it would sound great done with a band, I like the idea of keeping the tone all Byrds-y and bright, again partly to avoid a dolorous or pitying feel. It's just the place where this guy happens to be at, and he's pretty much gonna fall over soon if the skies don't open up.

Give it a listen, tell me what you think.

One More Day to Rain MP3

One More Day to Rain

All I got's some empty pockets

An empty promise, an empty room

Talkin down them echo hallways

Hollow words I spoke too soon

Now what I need's a rain-filled night

The sun is hot, the sky's too bright

Makin for another day of drought

I'm givin it one more day to rain

Then I'm fallin back again

Givin it one more day to work things right

Givin it one more day to rain

'cause I think one more day

is all I got

Listin all the hurts I'm feelin

Gets me nowhere, leaves me stuck

Restless and tired in the hot sun

Runnin in place it takes too much

Now what I need are drenching showers

A soaking rain to make me whole

Wash away from me the fear and doubt

I'm givin it one more day to rain

Then I'm givin up again

Givin it one more day to save my life

Givin it one more day to rain

'cause I think one more day

is all I got

If you cede it, if you feel it

If you give it up you lose

(c) copyright 2010 John E. Williams


  1. Sounds good to me. Catchy chorus, good lyrics. Not too much to say except keep listening and playing around with it. Now available on SpoDee's iPod!

  2. Thanks Spodee! And you are right, it does need tweaking and fixing. Part of the process!

  3. I really like this John. The rain theme always works and is very universal. The overall message is very strong. Add a cigarette line, and you'll have the trifecta!

  4. Ha! No more cigarettes for this dude. Thanks, Rob. I am by the way open to as many suggestions as you may feel like sharing.

  5. i like. is that a 12 string or did you double the part? got some ideas bubblin'