Monday, December 10, 2012

Administrative Note

There may not be a single soul in the world besides myself who cares one whit about this, but I am suspending both the "Morning Moptops" and "Quiet Good Night" features that have been a daily feature on this blog. They were intended as disciplinary tools for myself to make sure ABANDONED AND HEARTBROKE was constantly active and updated, rather than just sitting idle for days. But with the arrival of The Guys -- Curt, Milo, Steve, and Rob (if I can get his ass to post something already) -- the exercise becomes less necessary. It doesn't mean the features will be gone for good (and in fact Milo will be thrilled to know that all next week I will be posting all the Beatles Christmas records), but they will be scaled back to being occasional features, like my "This is Elvis" posts.

The Guys are hereby informed that they are free to set up their own regular features, or just post whatever comes to mind, whenever they want. And if there is anyone who does care a whit about anything that gets posted on this blog and would like to see anything posted in particular, email us or reply here and let us know.

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