Sunday, December 2, 2012

Hogie's Heroes: Glen Campbell

When I was a little kid I remember I used to watch Glen Campbell's variety show while clutching my plastic toy guitar. The guitar was so big (Almost the size of a real one.) that I had to strum it facing me because my little arm didn't fit around the body properly.

And speaking of bigness and music, a few years back I picked up some Glen Campbell records at the thrift store, and I found myself primarily drawn to the songs written by Jimmy Webb. (He of MacArthur Park fame.) His songs aren't just big, they are HUUUUGE. (As Paris Hilton might say.) Glen couldn't sound any more intense here than if he was dumping gasoline on his head and striking a match.

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  1. I am certain that Campbell's variety show was the first non-animated primetime program I ever watched. It was the first time I saw a microphone and may even be the first time I saw someone play guitar. Thanks for posting this, and for jogging my memory.