Tuesday, October 23, 2012

New Direction Home

I am adding to and altering the mission and object of this blog. It will continue to be the step-by-step chronicle of my already-titled CD, Abandoned and Heartbroke, but I will also be using it to discuss and  celebrate music (mostly pop music) and its surrounding culture  -- which can include nearly everything. Nothing grand or monumental is planned here, just my view of pop and what it has meant to me all my life. Perhaps it will mean something to you. Mostly I will keep the tone breezy and fun, but I have no doubt it will veer often into the realm of pompous and perhaps even stupid. But even those realms can be their own brand of fun.

I intend and hope for this blog to be participatory, meaning that ideally it will generate discussion and disagreement, and anyone who would like to chime in can consider the blog as much their home as it is mine. I also intend and hope to feature guest bloggers, so if there is something in particular you would like to say or have said, email me and we'll pop it up on the thing.

There won't be a long blather every day, but there will be a post every day. I have gotten into the habit of posting videos quite often on Facebook, sometimes based on a theme or a topic, or other times a specific genre or era of music, so I will be shifting that habit over here (while linking it onto my Facebook wall). But there will be something posted here every day, so I hope at least some of it will be entertaining enough for people to make a habit of visiting.

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