Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ain't Much to Look At, So

(click to enlarge)

I almost forgot about this. I took a photography course last fall as part of my BFA program at the Academy of Art University, and one of our assignments was to design and create a CD booklet. So I of course picked Sergeant Pepper. Ha, no. You guessed it.

 This probably will not be the actual cover or booklet. But it was fun to do.


  1. John,

    This CD cover is great. I can't see any reason not to use it. I especially like the font choice for the CD title and the way it sits in the dark guitar shape.


  2. Glenn, thanks! Don't I look kinda like you on that cover?

    The reason I don't want to use it is that it's just a bit TOO bleak. The album hopefully won't be at all bleak.

    Thanks for the comment, it's great to hear from you.