Friday, March 8, 2013

Influence or Copycat?

Sometimes I wonder where the line should be drawn. Every songwriter and musician says they are ‘influenced’ by others. But every once in a while it seems to get a little too close for comfort.   
Is Lady Ga Ga just a current day 80’s Madonna?  I think so.  Then again, who cares?   
Keith Richards says he ‘copied’ almost all of his guitar riffs from Chuck Berry.   Speaking of guitar riffs,  Beast of Burden was written in 1977 and was a hit; Can’t Put a Price on Love was written in 1980 ….
Yes, there are tons of other examples….name ‘em

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  1. I think John Cafferty's "On the Dark Side" was a deliberate attempt to copy Bruce. Whether that was Cafferty's doing or record company pressure, I dunno. But I bet it's more the latter than the former.

    There was no end to the Beatles imitators of the sixties, the Monkees being the most obvious. Many of those bands went on to create great singles, like Dave Clark Five.