Sunday, March 17, 2013

This Ball of Confusion, of Feelings and Stuff

It's a cold, dark winter night here in Arlington, and even though spring starts in a few days, it feels like one of those chilly, ominous nights that won't ever give way to day. Or maybe I'm just tired.

The first two verses of this song take me instantly to the bleaker periods of my younger life, when I dreaded pretty much everything, but mostly dreaded the disapproval of my Dad, who is a great guy but who for a very long time had no idea what to make of me, or what to do with me. Which is okay Dad, 'cause I sometimes still don't know myself.

Well my daddy he stood at the foot of the stairs

He was calling to me at the time

And I knew even then, I could die for the thoughts

That I kept in the back of my mind

But I dared not to speak

How I felt for my dad

Cause there were no words to define

The ball of confusion, of feelings and stuff

That I kept in the back of my mind

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