Saturday, November 24, 2012

Pretty Good for A Bad Girl

Great interview here with burlesque singer-songwriter Sabrina Chap. I met Sabrina at a wedding this past summer and she was cool and funny as hell. And her work is brilliant.

"Never Been A Bad Girl"

I'm a white straight male, and sad to say, I have behaved in my time as a totally clueless white straight male asshole, so what I can add to or comment about Sabrina's eloquent complaints is pretty much zero. Here's something: most guys I know who play music would not be able to handle the added pressures and hassles as women who play music. They would crumble and cry like babies. This is a fact.

"We Are the Parade"

What I do know is good music, and good musicians, and Sabrina Chap is one of the best. She deserves to be rich and famous as hell, so go to her website and buy all her albums, and go see her live. And tell her hi!

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