Sunday, January 17, 2010

Double Shot

My last music project before leaving New Jersey for our Nation's Capital in 1994 was a duo act with Tom "Spodee-O-Dee" Barry (a trio, if you count the drum machine). It was a lot of fun and kept me sustained during a difficult period of my life, and you couldn't ask for a funnier and kinder partner than Tom. Here's a song from that period, courtesy of Spo-dee, a Sam Cooke classic I wanted to do immediately after seeing Graham Parker cover it live in NYC one night.

By the way, I'm posting odd things like this because I have vowed to post something on this blog every single day, and until the project gets fully underway I'm gonna pass the time thusly. Hope you all don't mind too much.

Another Saturday Night

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  1. Thanks for the nod John. This was a fun gig - I remember it well. TB