Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Coming soon to this spot: my attempt to assemble an album of original songs, suffused with community and collaboration, with every creative step recorded here for posterity and/or amusement. We're gonna discuss and argue and experiment, and we'll have a shot at creating something good and fun and maybe even meaningful.

Please post your comments, thoughts, ideas, suggestions, dreams, influences, and anything else you'd like to contribute. My role will be to write and produce and plan and perform, and to be the guy who visibly fails should the project implode. Your role is to pick some way you'd like to contribute, such as to write and produce and plan and perform, and then follow through.

To get an idea of my own style and level of talent (or lack thereof), I am posting the only original song I can stand to perform any more without embarrassment. It is not necessarily an indication of the style or direction the album may go, and it really may not be all that good a song. But it is a starting place.

Written in 1985, music by Ken Cadmus and John E. Williams, words by John E. This is a solo version from awhile back when I resurrected the song after 10 or so years, though a full band "ska" version does exist. I'll post that one at a later date.

"Into the Night"


  1. Good tune JW. That's a keeper for sure and well worth recording again.

    FYI, this nasty cough I've been fighting woke me out of a dead sleep at 5:30 and I gave up trying to get to sleep. Every time I laid back down I started coughing up a lung. So I took the occasion to catch up on your blog--working backward since I'm not a particular linear kind of guy.