Monday, January 25, 2010

Go And Give The Guard A Break the title of a CD by a singer named Meghan Hayes (sound warning), who hails from Arlington VA and these days lives and performs in Nashville. I met her during the mid-90s when she was one half of a folk-rock duo I shared both venues and friends with. She was this barely bantam weight-sized young woman with the voice of someone twice her size and the sensibility of someone twice her age, with terrific songwriting skills to boot. Her arranger/producer/mentor/main musician is the below-mentioned David McKittrick, who painstakingly and lovingly fussed and sweated over every detail of her two CDs, and it shows. Give Meghan and Dave's work a listen and you'll understand what I mean when I say it's an honor that Dave has offered to work with me on my own set of songs. It means there's hope for some actual quality, for one thing.

Speaking of Dave and this blog: I respect his opinion greatly, and Dave pulls no punches when he gives his opinion. So when I mentioned the blog the other night, he shook his head and said "I couldn't get into it." I replied something like "Oh." "It just didn't work for me," he continued. I must have looked as crestfallen as I felt, because suddenly Dave said "No, no, I mean I was physically unable to get into the site." Turned out he was having technical difficulties, not aesthetic ones. Pretty damned funny.

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