Thursday, January 14, 2010


These are song bits I recorded a few months back. They're rough and fragmented, and the lyrics are just mumbly melody placeholders, but I think there's a germ of a song in each one. I actually recorded 12 tracks, and these are the only 2 to have survived the listening session I had tonight. That's actually a pretty good cull if you ask me.

The performances aren't that hot, but they aren't meant to be. The point is to discover whether a song or two can be sculpted from the lumps.

You are free to grab the tracks and do something with them yourself if you are so inclined. Just let me know so I can knock them off my list.

Oh, and I capo'd at least one of these tracks, so watch out for that. No idea which fret.

Track 3

EDIT: On second listening, I decided Track 2 was just godawful. And then there was one.


  1. track #3 I would add an 'A' note on the the riff kinda like a lead in.D position around the 7th fret pinky on 'C'then 'B' ok tickle the 'A' the nback to riff. Nice power on the 'C'to 'D' change

  2. What! Who the hell are you?

    I will try it, Ken.

  3. Has good potential. I like the build-up towards the ending. Spo-Dee