Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sketch, 1/28/10

I have decided to post this picture (of my 1998 Takamine G-Series six-string) any time I have new music uploaded. This will make the blog easier to navigate as the project progresses.

Attached below is a song sketch I recorded in haste and with a crappy mike on Monday night. I set it aside along with two other tracks until this morning, when I listened to them afresh while walking to work. The two other tracks are okay, nothing to get too excited about, so I'm not posting them. I'm definitely hearing something I like in this one, though. The sort of halting delivery I gave it is interesting, not sure what I'm gonna sing about just yet. Keep in mind that the slurring, mumbly words are at this point nothing but placeholder.

I am headed over to Dave McKitttrick's this evening with all 3 tracks, and I'll post the results if something fruitful comes of my visit. In the meantime, let me know what you think.

1/28/10 song


  1. I realize the 1/28/10 track is an infant, but I can already hear the Snoopy harmonica making it's way in there. Dylanesque - keep at it

  2. Not even a harmonica -- it's a mouth harp! I think I'll pass on it for this one.

    Thanks for the encouragement, we'll see how it comes out.